Free Bibles

Here is a list of sites from which you can get a free Bible or access to a Bible free online:

  2. the YouVersion Bible App:  hundreds of Bible translations, large variety, many different languages.  They have audio Bibles too. The app is for your cell phone: iphone, android… and for your pads.
  3. Olive Tree: Free Bible Downloads
  4. Bible Shipped to you
  5. Bible Study Tools – access many Bibles, concordances, devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons… right online.
  6. Bibles for America Get free Bible shipped to you.  Other materials too

Free Audio Bible

Access Bibles Online Here:

  1. King James Version Audio Bible
  2. World English Bible Audio Bible
  3. New Living Translation Audio Bible
  4. King James Bible 2 (on Youtube)
  5. Streaming Bible: KJV, NIV, WEB, ASV,

On a Bible App:  Listen to Bible audio versions including:

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