Free Bible Action Checklists

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  1. Acts of Kindness Checklist & Action Plan
  2. Commands of Jesus Check List: Putting the Kingdom First and Growing the Kingdom Check List Action Plan & Success Habits to Install
  3. Giving for the Kingdom Check List & Action Plan
  4. Sins List:  Get on this One FAST:  After you are saved every sin must be repented out of in the Name of Jesus.  How are you going to repent if you don’t even know (or overblew conviction through strong emotions at the time) if you don’t even know the sin as stated in the Bible?  Well we put the sins lists and readings in the right hand menu.  Look to the right.  Go through each one and I believe the Lord will bring to mind each sin as you address and understand each sin from this list.  Don’t be fooled as I once was by easy talking denominational “doctrine”.  Sin after being bornagain is a very serious thing.  Don’t be deceived over what everyone else is doing.  What everyone else is doing   see this video for more. You’ll be shocked what can put you in Hell according to this Heaven Hell visitation person.  Make sure you take care of eternal matters immediately.