Bible Reading System 2.0 for Volume Bible Reading and Rapid Bible Learning

Read the Bible 3 Times, 5 Times a Year or More while Dramatically Increasing Your Understanding, Knowledge and Closeness with God.

When you say most people think that reading the Bible one time a year is in achievement?  I would argue that really, it’s not. If you focused you could read the Bible in a week.  Of course I’m sure you understand I just redo the Bible for the sake of it isn’t the main goal.  The goal is to get to know the Lord better, what He is like and what He likes, wants and wants us to do.

Did you know that answers for one part of the Bible are most often found in another part of the Bible?   Did you know that God reveals more understanding the more time you spend in His Word? Did you know that God uses other people, your life experiences, sermons you hear on the radio or TV to teach you understanding different parts Of the Bible?

Have you ever heard of the subconscious mind? You have one.  It’s a powerful part of you.  It can hold questions and things you want to figure out and get done figured out for you overtime and even automatically.  Your subconscious mind can hold many questions, things you want to get figured out, things you want understand.   So guess what? We are going to use the subconscious mind to help us understand volumes verses and questions in a rapid manner.

This Bible Reading System Has Some Interesting History

Many of the aspects of this Bible reading system were reveal to me through the round with my music studies.  I had a teacher who is a principal in the Chicago symphony orchestra for 27 years.  He occupied this tenure many many years ago and was able to play with many if not most of the famous names of yesteryear in classical music.

This music teacher of mine reveal to me how he was able to learn a piece of music exceedingly fast, taught to him and the rest of the orchestra by the famed conductor Arturo Toscanini.   A remarkable discovery was made of how the subconscious mind could rapidly speed up the learning process as well as increase ones volume of learning, even of difficult things.

One day I was compelled to try a different type of church.   It was called a “Messianic Synagogue”.  This was back in the year 2000.  It was pretty exciting for the concept of Jewish folks becoming born again believing in Jesus was new and amazing to me.   I didn’t know what to expect but I realized the first time I went there those folks really love the Lord genuinely and deeply – most seem like they’re actually glowing in the Lord.  That was exciting!

So I went to this messianic synagogue for about eight months.  I learned a ton about Hebraic roots of the Bible and various historical Jewish ways of thinking of which is of critical importance to understanding the Bible!  I ended up going there for about eight months and it was an awesome experience.

But one day during a service the pastor,  although they go by rabbi, mentioned something that startled me.  He said in his Polish Chicago accent, “Dere is noe reeson why you shoudint be reeding da Bible at least TREE Times a Yeeahh”  (Translation:  there’s no reason why you should be reading the Bible three times in one year.)  Frankly I was shocked. I thought, “How is that Possible?”.  Obviously I was used the:  read a verse or two, think for a few seconds about it, roll over to sleep method of reading the Bible.

So I decided to take on this challenge.  I soon realized that I was in way over my head and I needed a new approach to reading the Bible.  So after working on it several concepts came together in addition to the “Arturo Toscanini” method that form the original Bible Reading System.

That system has evolved into the more advanced Bible Reading System 2.0 today for increased volume comprehension, clarity, speed, accuracy, and knowing of the Word as you get to know a person.  Other benefits include:

  • Increased ability to know where verses are in the Bible
  • Increased recall of verses by paraphrase or increased memorization of Scripture especially if you are reading the same version over and over
  • Greater understanding of the subconscious mind’s role in the process of Learning and understanding Bible verses through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit working with you
  • How to use apps and electronic means for reading the Bible
  • Advanced subconscious embedding techniques
  • Best Reading approaches defined explaining exactly how to read, the mindset and the mechanics of the reading process

Increase Your Understanding of the Bible and Get to Know the Word

You Are Running Out of Time!

  • Every human will be accountable to how well or not they did what the New Testament told them to do.
  • You can have peace in this life but a comfort zone is dangerous
  • End times are of highest probability and unless you know the Word well, you’ll likely find yourself in big trouble.  You’re knocking and no counterfeit unless you know the real thing very well.
  • The deceptions are already extremely thick.  Most are away from God not obeying Jesus. Most don’t even know what it means to make Jesus their Lord.  Most are not ready to meet their Maker.  You really don’t want to be unprepared as Jesus has already warned.
  • It is unwise to toy with eternity.  So get to know the Word, fast!
  • Our Bible Reading System 2.0 Will help you learn the Bible fast not only know about the Bible but no the Bible, and understand the Bible, layer by layer.
  1. 18 “So listen to what the parable of the sower means. 19 Whoever hears the message about the Kingdom, but doesn’t understand it, is like the seed sown along the path — the Evil One comes and seizes what was sown in his heart. 20 The seed sown on rocky ground is like a person who hears the message and accepts it with joy at once, 21 but has no root in himself. So he stays on for a while; but as soon as some trouble or persecution arises on account of the message, he immediately falls away.22 Now the seed sown among thorns stands for someone who hears the message, but it is choked by the worries of the world and the deceitful glamor of wealth, so that it produces nothing. 23 However, what was sown on rich soil is the one who hears the message and understands it; such a person will surely bear fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirty times what was sown.” Matthew 13: 18-23

Trying to Figure Out the Bible Verse by Verse (and Usually Through Your Flesh) Does Not Work Very Well!

The natural tendency is to trying to figure out the Bible in our flesh. We try to read a verse or two and figure it out on our own worth your research. Well that way has caused many a denomination and “new way of thinking”, or even new religions entirely!  It’s a bad idea to try to interpret the Word of God in your flesh.

You need your Teacher, who is Jesus, to teach you and give you understanding of the Bible, directly.  You are to depend on your Teacher, and not another human for the right answer, and understanding of the Word.

Did you know Jesus is the Word of God?  That is his name: Revelation 19:13.

“The Word, which gives life!
    He existed from the beginning.
We have heard him,
    we have seen him with our eyes,
we have contemplated him,
    we have touched him with our hands!

The life appeared,
    and we have seen it.
We are testifying to it
    and announcing it to you —
eternal life!

He was with the Father,
    and he appeared to us.”  1 John 1:1-2


“In the beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.
    He was with God in the beginning.

All things came to be through him,
    and without him nothing made had being.

In him was life,
    and the life was the light of mankind.

The light shines in the darkness,
    and the darkness has not suppressed it.” John 1:1-5

The Bible is Too Huge to Only Read a Verse a Day, if That! 

Since We Are to Be Held Accountable to What’s in the Word We Need a Faster Way of Learning the Bible!

Bible Reading Formula Premise 1:   You Taking the Initiative to Pursue God, Pursue His Word + Getting Organized in Your Approach + Spending Time with the Lord + Using Your Subconscious Mind to Process and Get Answers to Volumes of Questions and Concepts Through the Rest of the Bible = Learning the Bible Well, with Understanding and more Completely.

The Lord reveals scripture to you by:

  1. You taking the initiative to pursue him, Pursue his word and understands word
  2. He spend fellowship time with him by reading his word more than half an hour a day
  3. The Lord will point you answers and different parts of the Bible specifically or will light up the answer as you come across the answer has answers are hidden in the old and New Testaments.  Answers for the New Testament are found in the Old Testament in the New Testament. Answers for the Old Testament are found in the New Testament in the Old Testament
  4. The Lord can tell you directly, speak to you directly telling you what the answer is as you trust him more and are open to him more, open to his voice more
  5. The Lord can communicate answers, understanding through I’ll their brothers and sisters in Christ, preachers, preachers off the radio, TV, in books etc
  6. The Lord can reveal answers and understanding to you about different Bible verses through life experience as well!

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Bible Reading Plans (All Free!):

  1. Volume Bible Reading Plan – 3 Times a Year
  2. Volume Bible Reading Plan – 5 Times a Year
  3. Bible Reading Plan – 12 Times a Year New Testament
  4. Coming Soon:   New Testament Commands Reprogramming Yourself Reading and Application Plan – Uninstall the programming from the “ruler of this world” (Satan) and install the Commands of Christ from the New Testament:  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” Matthew 6:33
  5. Coming Soon:  Single Book “Mastery” of the Bible Bible Reading Plan  – the word mastery is in quotes in that I get the feeling that there is no True mastery since each book of the Bible is so many layers deep, and so many layers deep after that, that you can’t even see but you can sense.  Plus understanding of the word is not achieved on your own, your own technical analysis only, but given to you as a gift from God as you pursue Him and He reveals understanding to you.
    1. Making sure you are at peace and understanding every verse.  For the verses that you don’t understand, at least in part, we now identify.
    2. We actively pursue understanding of these verses:  research of definitions, research of agreed for Hebrew, research dictionaries, concordance research, commentary research and online commentary research yet most importantly we go and ask our Teacher directly, who is Jesus the Messiah.
    3. We may not gain understanding of each and every verse of a particular book at the time but we will at least embedded into our subconscious the verses we have in question, are not clear about, do not have peace about so we will have these verses always on our mind for resolution as we read the rest of the Bible, for the Lord reveals to us directly, through other sermons, articles, expressions, radio, TV, churches, friends or life experiences.

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